About Zelda Realm

What is The Zelda Realm?

The Zelda Realm is a site created for the purpose of having a Zelda fan-zone online where you can find commonly ignored or non-discussed theories and ideas related to Zelda. The Zelda Realm was created in April 2011, by one person whom goes by the name "Zelda Theorist". Zelda Theorist is the sole administrator and theory-writer on The Zelda Realm. Zelda Theorist came up with the idea of this site when he realized many Zelda theories and mysteries are not solved by anyone over the internet, and how so many people, like himself, wanted answers or at least legitimate theories, not fan-fiction. At that point, Zelda Theorist decided to make a site of his own to put out is own theories to the world, and began this site as "ZeldaFacts".

Which theories does The Zelda Realm discuss?

The Zelda Realm will discuss theories from each and every Zelda game, however, it goes through a certain criteria. A specific Zelda game is chosen, and as many theories that Zelda Theorist and other Zelda fans can think of about that specific Zelda game are discussed here. However, theories that already have a popular solution or story on another Zelda site are not discussed here (ex. Stone Tower of Babel theory). Once all possible theories from a certain Zelda run out, The Zelda Realm advances to a new section on the site based on the next Zelda game Zelda Theorist chooses to write about. Occasionally, videos are also made to accompany a theory to make it more exciting and legit.

About the administrator...

Zelda Theorist is a highschool student currently living in Canada (city will not be mentioned). Zelda Theorist became a major fan of Zelda when he first bought Ocarina of Time when he 7 years old. Since then, he started becoming a fan more engaged in the story and theories behind the game we play. In his spare time, Zelda Theorist enjoys playing basketball and working on The Zelda Realm and it's accompanied sites.

Spreading the popularity...

In an effort to make the site more recognizable, The Zelda Realm adopted a new signature logo and title, which will help people feel familiar with the other Zelda Realm sites when they visit them. The Zelda Realm also made a YouTube page and Twitter page so fans can connect to us in many different ways. The YouTube page (ZeldaRealm) is increasingly growing in popularity, and now includes videos other than theories, such as walkthroughs and top 10's and 20's. You can find the Twitter page under the name TheZeldaRealm. The Zelda Realm is also affiliated with a number of major Zelda sites, such as Zelda Wiki and Knights of Hyrule, and affiliation is open to almost every other Zelda site (see "Affiliates" page for more information).

In conclusion...

A point that The Zelda Realm fans must know is that this is a site made for the fans and needs the fan support to continue working as it is now. I greatly supports the site when you become a follower, which you can do by clicking the blue "Join this Site" button on the sidebar under the header "Become a Follower". It also helps to follow The Zelda Realm on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube. Zelda Theorist encourages you to send your own theories to the site, and you may find an article here based on your theory (credit goes to you, of course). Just comment under an article or contact Zelda Theorist. The Zelda Realm is also in need of staff, so if you are interested, apply now. For more information, check the "Staff Wanted" page. Contact Zelda Theorist by going to the "Contact Us" page, or by his email, which is zelda-realm@hotmail.com. You can also use Skype, just add the name zeldatheorist, and he will be sure to answer your questions or feedback.