Anyone interested in affiliating with Zelda Realm must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your site must be an only-Zelda site
  • No adult content or anything inappropriate can be on your site
  • Your site must be updated regularly (at least a couple times a month)
  • You must affiliate The Zelda Realm on your site

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Zelda Level, a fan-made site that covers everything from Zelda news to great articles.

Zelda Wiki, a great site that acts as your Zelda Wikipedia.

Knights of Hyrule, a Zelda website dedicated to the fans, consisting of mailbags, walkthroughs, media, and more.

Link's Hideaway, a popular Zelda site that has plenty of fan stories, guides, media, and more.

North Castle, a great site to entertain yourself with various fan-fictions, comics, and more fan work.

Zelda Welt, a German Zelda website that boasts the motto "For the fans, by the fans!"