Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Majora's Mask - Link's Lost Friend

Hey guys. I'm going to be having posts in order on when they happen or are seen in the game, and the first thing that happened in the game is Link embarking on a journey in search of a lost friend. Here is what I think of that.

At the beginning of Majora's Mask, it is said that Link is on journey looking for a friend with whom he parted ways after he saved Hyrule. I am sure this friend is Navi, and for multiple reasons. After the prologue is written, you can hear a fairy fluttering, which means the friend is a fairy. Navi also parted ways with Link after Ocarina of Time. It seemed that Link was riding Epona in forest, which is where Navi could live. The forest could have been the Lost Woods. So it is clear that the lead of Majora's Mask began with Link looking for Navi.

Due to Majora's Mask being filled with mysteries and secrets, I will have many posts, and I will try to post more often. So make sure you guys catch next post. It will be about the actual Majora's Mask.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Majora's Mask - Intro

Hey guys. I completely ran out of ideas for an Ocarina of Time post, so I decided it is about time I start the Majora's Mask section. In case I do have any Ocarina of Time posts, I will put them up, and you can always find it by clicking Ocarina of Time under the "game" section at the left side of the page. But for now I'll be sticking to Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask is one of the most mystery-filled Zelda games out there, and I will have plenty of posts for it, from the origins of the actual Majora's Mask to Link's actual purpose of leaving Hyrule. I will also be glad to help anyone who is having trouble with the game. It is probably the hardest Zelda game, in my opinion.

Remember to read next post, and I will love it if someone gives me some ideas (for Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time).  For those of you who haven't played Majora's Mask yet, make sure you do. It is very fun and perfect for gamers looking for a challenge. And remember to subscribe and follow by pressing the "join this site" button at the side before exiting this blog. Thanks for all of the support.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Ganondorf/Ganon

Hey guys. As the result of last week's poll, I made this post about Ganon, who appears in many Zelda games. He leads a long and strange life. Let's start way at the beginning.

Ganondorf was born  to the Gerudo tribe, a tribe of women thieves who only have a man every century. Ganondorf's father was unknown, but Ganondorf does have the last name of Dragmire. Ganondorf's childhood is unknown, but it is assumed he grew up with the Gerudo's in Gerudo Valley/Desert. Later on in his life, Ganondorf used a sort of Dark magic to have the ability to transform into his Ganon form (which resembles a large boar). Ganondorf then claimed allegiance to the King of Hyrule, and entered the Temple of Time and the Sacred Realm (with the help of Link, who opened the Door of Time with the Sacred Stones), and stole the Triforce of Power. Through seven years, Ganondorf wreaked havoc across Hyrule, until Link defeated him with a blow to his head. Ganondorf survived that blow, but was banished to the Evil Realm by the Six Sages.

Years later, Ganondorf escaped the Evil Realm and successfully took over Hyrule, but the Gods flooded Hyrule in an attempt to stop him. This refers to the Wind Waker game. Of course, Ganondorf was stopped again by Link. In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf is executed by Link in an epic battle.

As we know, different Links are in different Zelda games because of the time differences, and occasionally Ganondorf would appear and be defeated in them. But he is finally defeated in Twilight Princess, and it is unknown if he will appear again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Name

Hey guys. A couple weeks back, I completely re-designed this whole site, in hopes of making it look nicer. Well now, I also changed the title from "The Legend of Zelda" to "The Hyrule Blog". It seems like a much catchier and cooler name, so I think this should stick. In case anyone has any better names, please comment them or email me your thoughts. I'm curious to know.

Unfortunately, I had to take down the poll three days early due to design changes, but the results showed that I will have a Ganon/Ganondorf post. I would also like to inform the blog followers that you can now follow me by email, which means you do not have to have a Google account. I really appreciate the support I'm getting, but I have to remind you that the more followers I have, the better I an make this blog. So remember to subscribe or to become a followers by pressing the "join this site" button. Thanks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Boss Theories (Part 2)

Hey readers. This the next part of Boss Theories from yesterday. I haven't put up the Ganondorf poll yet, but it will be up. For now, enjoy the post.

Phantom Ganon: Phantom Ganon is a mysterious creation of Ganondorf himself. He looks like him, except for the face, which is actually a flame. Phantom Ganon also has similar attacks to Ganondorf. It seems like it was created without any effort from Ganondorf, as he calls it worthless when defeated. It also seems to have feelings, as Ganondorf banishes it to the "gap between dimension" as punishment. How it was created is not known.

Volvagia: Volvagia is a long, snake-like dragon that lives in the extreme conditions of Death Mountain's crater. To be more specific, it  lives deep in the Fire Temple under a large stone platform. Volvagia can only live in extreme heat. It was capable of living hundreds and maybe thousands of years. Ganondorf had the intention of feeding Gorons to Volvagia as an example of the consequences to those who oppose him. But there is something mysterious about Volvagia. According to Goron lore, Volvagia was previously defeated by a legendary Goron with the Megaton Hammer. Link did the same thing hundreds (or thousands) of years later but it appeared that Volvagia was killed. How did the previous Goron defeat Volvagia without killing it? Maybe Volvagia never died.

Morpha: Morpha is giant aquatic amoeba also created by Ganondorf to corrupt Lake Hylia and the Water Temple. Morpha seems to control itself from its large nucleus that acts as a brain. It is intelligent and very powerful. Morpha is not made of water, despite its looks. It is able to grab Link and shake him around, and is vulnerable to fire. What exactly Morpha is made of is not known, but it is invincible to physical harm.

Bongo-Bongo: Possibly the most mysterious boss in all of the Zelda series, many theories surround the origin and figure of Bongo-Bongo. Bongo-Bongo was originally sealed in Kakariko Well, but broken out and went into the Shadow Temple. But what exactly is Bongo-Bongo? Let's start from the beginning. It is said that Bongo-Bongo was a man who owned or maybe created the Lens of Truth and Mask of Truth. I believe he stole them, but was caught. Then his hands were cut off as punishment. This explains his cut hands. He must of also been beheaded for some reason (probably in the Shadow Temple, see Temple Theories for more information), which explains the cut head. The eye in his head that appears when you fight him must symbolize the Lens of Truth. More proof to this theory is that his house used to be where the well is, which is why he was sealed in it. No theory can be 100% guaranteed right.

Twinrova: This boss was also hard to collect facts about. What I discovered of Kotake and Koume is that they are of Gerudo descent (given their appearance), but were skilled in witchcraft, not fighting. They are twins, and capable of fusing together to make Twinrova. Koume was fire-typed, while Kotake was ice-typed. They also served as Ganondorf's surrogate (substitute) mothers. They are extremely loyal to him, and one of Ganondorf's most powerful followers.

This marks the end of the Boss Theories section. Any questions, email me at zeldafacts@hotmail.com or just comment below. Make sure to vote on the Ganondorf poll next week. Stay following.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Boss Theories (Part 1)

Hey readers. I made this post in a format similar to the Temple Theories format, except it will be about the bosses fought in the game. There's more to the bosses than most of you think, and here is an overview of each one:

Queen Gohma: Gohma is a spider-like creature that lived inside the Great Deku Tree. But Gohma was not born there; in fact, it was Ganondorf who somehow placed an egg inside the Great Deku Tree. Eventually, the egg hatched and grew into Queen Gohma. She began to feed on the insides of the Great Deku Tree. Link had to enter him and kill Gohma.

King Dodongo: The king of the dodongos, dragon-like creatures that live in Dodongo's Cavern, and who are very explosive. King Dodongo is the ultimate ruler of all dodongo's in the cavern. There is not much to say about him. He was not part of any type of dark magic or related to Ganondorf. He simply took over the cavern to make it his habitat. But this does assume he used to live somewhere else, most likely somewhere rocky and humid. But in the game, dodongos do not appear anywhere else.

Barinade: Barinade is a large, electric anemone that appeared inside Lord Jabu-Jabu and began to cause him internal pain. It naturally infected him, just like how a human would get sick. Barinade is actually like a large virus, and Link had to kill it. It also seems that Barinade attracts electrical creatures like the Bari, and used them as a defense.

I have only included three of the ten bosses fought in the game, but next post, there will be five more. I will not include Ganondorf. I will take a poll (on the sidebar) that asks if anyone wants a Ganondorf/Ganon post, but otherwise, I won't include him. Thanks for reading, and make sure to read the next Boss Theories post.