What is The Zelda Realm?

The Zelda Realm is a website fully dedicated to Zelda, made to provide fans with great theories, walkthroughs, news, and more. For more information about the site, visit the About Zelda Realm page.

Who runs The Zelda Realm?

The Zelda Realm is run by the administrator, Klink, but also has other staff member to aid in the production of the site.

When was The Zelda Realm created?

The Zelda Realm was created on April 20, 2011.

How can we contact a staff member?

Simply go to the Contact Us page, fill out the form, and send the message. The message will then be received by the administrator, who will very likely reply to the message.

Can I apply for a staff position?

Yes, you can. Again, fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we will be sure to send back a reply.

Can we affiliate with The Zelda Realm?

Yes, you can. However, you must fulfill the necessary requirements. See the Affiliates page for more information.

How popular is The Zelda Realm?

The Zelda Realm is moderately popular. We are affiliated with multiple major Zelda sites, but the trademark name is not known enough to be recognized by everyone.

How can I show my support for The Zelda Realm?

Simply follow the site by click the blue "Join this site" button under the section title "Become a Follower" in the right sidebar. This a great way to support the production of the site.