Sunday, August 7, 2011

Majora's Mask - The Moon

Hey everybody. I have some bad news and good news. The bad news is that the Majora's Mask section of this site is coming to a close. I only have about 3 ideas left, I don't know what the next game the site will be about will be next (though it will either be A Link to the Past or Wind Waker). The good news is that the Zelda Realm YouTube channel has reached 20 subscribers in only a week! If only we had that many followers... anyways, to the article.

The moon plays a very important role in Majora's Mask, as we all know. But many facts about it are ignored and not mentioned in the game. For example, the face on the moon does not appear in any Zelda game and seems very evil. However, the residents of Clock Town do not find it is strange at all that there is a face on the moon. I read something online that said the face was not there at all, but was just a symbol of anger and destruction. This cannot be true, seeing as Link went into the mouth of the moon. Then I came to a conclusion: Termina is a parallel world, which means it can have things Hyrule doesn't. This includes a moon with a face. I believe the facial expression of it must have changed when the curse of Majora's Mask was placed upon it. Confusing? Yes, but it makes sense.

The face on the moon is not the only strange thing about it. One of the most mysterious ideas surrounding this game is how there is a large, seemingly endless plain and one single tree inside the moon, and many children wearing the masks of the bosses you have defeated running around the tree. First of all, I would like to say that I do not believe the experience in the moon even happened to Link. As we know, Majora's Mask is a very powerful mask. It must have created a mind illusion for Link. Some people may not believe this, which is why I have a better theory. Majora's Mask must have created a parallel, simple dimension inside the moon, for the sake of challenging Link. The dungeons? Of course, these were also created by Majora's Mask. When Link defeated all of the bosses from the previous levels, the essence from the temple must have stayed in the mask of the boss, which is why the dungeons from inside the moon match the temple of their boss' mask.

Unfortunately, I know very little of the 5 kids in the moon. I believe that they also are creations of Majora's Mask. They are not human at all. How about the strange questions they ask you? Majora's Mask and it's kid creations must have took on the essence of the previous wearer of the mask, in this case, Skull Kid. This is why the questions they ask all have something to do with Skull Kid's problems.

I hoped you guys liked this post. It took me a lot of thinking, and this theory is 100% from me, so I got almost no information from anyone else. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me or comment. Remember to follow before leaving this site, and make sure to read next post!


  1. Did you know that those kids that wear the masks are actually small "Happy Mask Salesmen"?

  2. but then why did skull kid test you in twilight princess was it the madness of the mask?OR was it for fun?

    1. I think I understand. Skull kid was abandoned by the 4 giants. Majora possessed the moon and created an illusion based on the skull kids miserable life. The tree represents clock town. The mask wearing child is HIM. Sad and alone while the 4 other kids (who represent the 4 giants) play. The weird questions that the 4 kids asked were the questions he wanted answered. Playing with the majoras mask wearing child let majora look into LINKS personal hell. The fact that the four remains of the bosses in the game are used by majora proved this, since link must have hated fighting these bosses. It was like torture for him.

    2. If u like my response please tell me. Also if u think something is wrong please tell me too

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  4. No, the moon shouldn't have a face. The two guys practicing their juggling act say that the carnival occurs every year under a blue moon, but this year they will have to do it under a really, really scary, red-eyed moon.