Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Staff Member: ZeldaMasterfull

What is up guys! I'm ZeldaMasterfull and in this post I will briefly introduce myself. So first off I'm currently 13 years old and I live in Mexico. I have all Zelda games, I'm a Zelda fan since I was 6 years old. My first Zelda game I ever played was "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" for the Gameboy Advance Version. I have personally no favorite Zelda game because all of them were a great adventure when I played them. I love video games and sports at the same time, I love playing soccer and basketball and in video games my favorite franchise is "The Legend of Zelda" then the "Call of Duty" franchise. Hope all of you guys enjoy this awesome website by Klink, have a nice day! If by any reason you want to contact me, be sure to talk me on Skype or YouTube!

Skype: ZeldaMasterfull
YouTube: ZeldaMasterfull

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wind Waker - Wind Gods

Hello everybody! It's been a long while since I last had a theory post, so I have a new one for you today regarding the Wind Gods from the Wind Waker. You probably don't know who I'm talking about now, so read on a bit more.

The Wind Gods are the frog-like creatures in Wind Waker that you find in Dragon Roost Island, a bit on the edges of it. You find two monuments (one broken, for reasons we will discuss) and when you step up to it, the first Wind God, Zephos, introduces himself to you. Later on in the game, you meet Cyclos. Now the big question that all Zelda theorists ask about these gods, what are their positions of power? What theorists mean by this, what exactly are these gods classified as? Aren't there only the three main goddesses? Well, yes. The three goddesses created everything in the Zelda universe as we know it, and must have created these "gods" more as guardians, controllers of the wind and creations that must withhold the state and power of the wind.
Of course, these gods do have abnormal powers, but Cyclos simply proves the fact that they are not perfect creations when he goes into rage and causes cyclones to occur all over the Great Sea when his monument breaks. But how did it break? Maybe something simple, a couple of Rito kids playing around the island, they accidentally break it, then never speak of it again. Yeah, I don't think it was something serious. Otherwise, Zephos would surely have mentioned it to Link.

If anyone has any comments, do hesitate to mention it below. I do read all comments, although I may not reply to all. I'm currently waiting on the response of a potential new staff member, so you guys should expect some more activity on the site. Anyways, remember to follow the site and drop me message if you need anything, and remember to check out the YouTube channel once in while. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lots of News

Hello readers! I have loads of news for you, I decided to make a whole post about it instead of just mentioning it in the next article. So read on if interested.

The first thing I want to tell you is that we have a couple of new affiliates, North Castle and Triforce of Hyrule. Check them out sometime, the link is in the affiliates page.

Other important news is that I finally ordered a new microphone that will allow me to commentate while the videos are great quality. However, the order needs 1 to 3 weeks to arrive. Be patient!

A great milestone that we hit last week was the 5000 site views mark. We had almost 3000 in October alone! I'm glad to say how popular The Zelda Realm is getting, thanks to everyone who visits this site regularly (specifically the 11 followers).

Speaking of 5000, we also hit 5000 total upload views on the YouTube channel, too. Thanks to all of my YouTube subscribers! There is also a possibility that I will start a mailbag on the channel once my microphone and headset arrive.

Please remember to vote on the poll for the next walkthrough. I won't know what you guys want if you don't vote (I'll probably just choose Majora's Mask if less than 5 or 6 people vote).

Site activity has been low recently because I need new staff! No one is applying yet! Please consider my offer and take part in the growing popularity of The Zelda Realm. We are now looking for site designers and promoters as well as news writers.

The last and most important news is that Zelda Realm Walkthroughs, our sister site also created by me to post up video walkthroughs, is closing down. I'm getting very little views on it, and considering I have all of the walkthroughs on our YouTube channel, I decided that it no longer needs to exist. This also means, however, that I no longer need walkthrough writers either for staff, so keep that in mind if you were considering applying for a staff position.

I hope this batch of news will keep you updated on behind-the-scenes of the site. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to comment below or contact me. I do read all emails. Thanks!