Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Boss Theories (Part 1)

Hey readers. I made this post in a format similar to the Temple Theories format, except it will be about the bosses fought in the game. There's more to the bosses than most of you think, and here is an overview of each one:

Queen Gohma: Gohma is a spider-like creature that lived inside the Great Deku Tree. But Gohma was not born there; in fact, it was Ganondorf who somehow placed an egg inside the Great Deku Tree. Eventually, the egg hatched and grew into Queen Gohma. She began to feed on the insides of the Great Deku Tree. Link had to enter him and kill Gohma.

King Dodongo: The king of the dodongos, dragon-like creatures that live in Dodongo's Cavern, and who are very explosive. King Dodongo is the ultimate ruler of all dodongo's in the cavern. There is not much to say about him. He was not part of any type of dark magic or related to Ganondorf. He simply took over the cavern to make it his habitat. But this does assume he used to live somewhere else, most likely somewhere rocky and humid. But in the game, dodongos do not appear anywhere else.

Barinade: Barinade is a large, electric anemone that appeared inside Lord Jabu-Jabu and began to cause him internal pain. It naturally infected him, just like how a human would get sick. Barinade is actually like a large virus, and Link had to kill it. It also seems that Barinade attracts electrical creatures like the Bari, and used them as a defense.

I have only included three of the ten bosses fought in the game, but next post, there will be five more. I will not include Ganondorf. I will take a poll (on the sidebar) that asks if anyone wants a Ganondorf/Ganon post, but otherwise, I won't include him. Thanks for reading, and make sure to read the next Boss Theories post.

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  1. i would recommend a post about the theories of the different bosses/regular enemies in twilight princess. they seem to be important too. oh, and, i have actually seen a dodongo elsewhere. might have just been a glitch though. it was right outside of kariko village. i would recommend listing some glitches as well.