Friday, September 30, 2011

Wind Waker - Link's Identity

Hey readers. As the result of the poll I had, I guess that this post will be about who Link is. Now, I don't mean the Link we know from all Zelda games, but I mean the Link specifically made for this game. This may sound confusing, but you won't know what I mean until you read this post. So start reading!

Who exactly is Link, the Link we play as in the Wind Waker? First, let me give you the straight-up facts. He apparently has no parents, lives with his Grandma, and we assume he is 11 years old because he finally reached the age of the Hero of Time, who is Link from Ocarina of Time. Link from the Ocarina of Time began his quest as a hero at the age of 11, so we assume Link from Wind Waker is also 11 years old. Anyways, we also know that Link has a sister named Aryll. But what exactly happened to their parents? I think they must have died in the Great Flood (which we will have a post about, hopefully), and their Grandma came to care for them, which is how they ended up on Outset Island.

A question that is frequently asked is, "did Link descend from the Link's found in the other games?". I think the answer to that is "yes". The first reason is their similarity in appearance, sound, and personality. By this, I mean that they are both courageous and helpful, don't talk much but have the same yells and cries, and obviously, they look a lot alike. Another reason is that Link inherited the power of the Triforce from Link from Ocarina of Time (along with Tetra, who inherited it from Princess Zelda). This, I think, is the main reason. And when I say "inherited it's power", I mean the power of courage, and wisdom. With that said and done, I think it clears up who exactly Link is in this game: a descendant of Link from Ocarina of Time and an orphan who lives with his Grandma.

Yes, I know. This post was weak. But I really don't think this topic was too interesting, but it was voted for in my poll. Anyways, remember to follow the site to receive the latest updates on when and what the next post is, and just to give you a heads-up, it's probably going to be about the Great Flood. Stay reading!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wind Waker - Intro

Hello again everyone! As a result of the poll I put up a couple weeks ago, it turns out the the next Zelda game this site will focus on will be the Wind Waker, and luckily, it has plenty of theories we can discuss and the articles will be great.

The whole story surrounding Wind Waker is basically one large theory that I will almost for sure have an article about. There are obviously other theories as well, such as the Ghost Ship, the Great Deku Tree, and the many different islands you find on your adventure through the Great Sea. So remember to follow the site to get the regular updates of the new posts and articles.

As I always remind you, you are welcome to comment your ideas on the site, and it might even be featured as one of our articles. You should also check our walkthrough site regularly to see if a new Wind Waker (or other Zelda game) walkthrough started. And I also want to thank everyone who visits this site, because it's popularity is rapidly increasing. We hit our 2000th view today, and are affiliated with a number of major Zelda websites. Check them out in our affiliates, and give them a visit some time. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Important Poll

Hey guys. This is just a quick post to remind you guys to vote on the poll I setup on the left sidebar. I cannot begin a new game I will write about until I know which one you guys want, so you need to vote. I will be removing the poll once I start seeing some votes, but for now I only have one. So start voting!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Trinity of Truth

Yes! Finally back to real articles! I know you've probably waited a while, but the wait is over now, because the article is finally finished! Some of you won't know exactly what this article will be about judging by the title, but I am sure it is actually a topic you are all familiar with. So enjoy!

The Trinity of Truth may be something that many of you have never heard before. However, it is a very big subject in Ocarina of Time, and significant in other Zelda games. The Trinity of Truth are three Sheikah-made objects that associate themselves with revealing secrets of Hyrule. These three objects are the Mask of Truth, Lens of Truth, and Stone of Agony. Remember, "three" is a number representing these objects, as shown on the Lens of Truth and Mask of Truth.

The origins of these objects are unknown. However, I have a shrewd idea of their origins. If you have read one of the older articles about the Shadow Temple and Bongo-Bongo, you will know that there was a house situated where Kakariko Well currently is. The man who lived in this house created the Lens of Truth. It would make sense that he also created the Mask of Truth and Stone of Agony. As all three of these items are associated with the shadows and secrets, it would also make sense to say that this man of a Sheikah. In present day Kakariko village, the sign next to the well says "Dark! Narrow! Scary! Well of three features". I have looked past the straight-up meaning of this sign. "Dark" can be associated with the Mask of Truth, where something is dark and unknown can be telepathically revealed using the Mask. "Narrow" can be associated with the Stone of Agony. When a path seems to be narrow and irrelevant to your adventure, the Stone of Agony reveals it's secrets and importance. "Scary" can be associated with the Lens of Truth. When you don't know what you see is real or an illusion, the Lens of Truth straightens your path and wipes away your fear because of your new ability to "see".

For those of you who read Harry Potter 7, you would know how the Deathly Hallows can make the holder conqueror of death when all Hallows are together. But when each Hallow is alone, it does not provide the full affect. The same idea goes with the Trinity of Truth, but instead of being the conqueror of death, you become the ultimate "seer", the one who can uncover the "truth". Ultimately, whoever has these three items when playing Ocarina of Time, can really ease up game.

See? I told you guys it would be a good article! Anyways, I need to remind you, if you haven't checked out our walkthrough site, you really should. It has really detailed videos of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess all for your reference. And remember to follow that site, too. We also have a new "site history" page which features our sites previous major dates. So check that out, too. One last thing I would like to say is that we finally finished both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask sections! I will be putting up a poll for the next game I should write about, so make sure to vote.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Twitter Page

Hey everybody! I promise you this will be the last update before I make an actual article, so bear with me! The Zelda Realm has a new Twitter page, called TheZeldaRealm. Check it out when you can, and be sure to follow it, too! If you have any questions or anything else, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1000 Views and New Staff Member

Guess what, Zelda-fans? The Zelda Realm has hit it's 1000th view! This site's popularity is rapidly increasing, which is what led us to this great accomplishment. We gained almost 400 views only in August, and over 150 in just this first week of September! Our increased poularity is what's inspiring me to continue adding features to this site, and the more viewers and followers we have, the better The Zelda Realm will get, so keep them coming! I would like to personally thanks the 6 followers I had before hitting 1000 because of their support from the beginning, and will take your requests for this site much more seriously than anyone else's. Thanks to everyone!

In other news, we have a new staff member named Zelda MasterSword he will be posting new walkthroughs for us on our walkthrough site, He will start with Twilight Princess, but will be also doing Wind Waker. Welcome Zelda MasterSword!

I hope you guys are enjoying the site, because I am really putting a lot of effort into it, and I am trying to expand it and make it more well known. Of course, you can also do your part by following the site! Remember to stay patient with me before I release a real article, but I am also working on a new page, so remember to check that out when it's out! For the billionth time, I just want to thanks you guys again!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Staff Wanted

Hey everybody. I know it has been a while before I posted a real article, but don't worry. My next Ocarina of Time post will be up soon. Meanwhile, I decided that it is time to expand the range of what to find on The Zelda Realm, so I am now looking for News Writers capable of writing updates about the Zelda world on this site. If interested, just send me a message on the "Contact" page, and I am sure to answer back. Thanks!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Improvements?

Hey everybody. Sorry (again) for the lack of posts, but in case I didn't say before, my school started and I'm very busy. Anyways, I want some feedback on what I need to improve this site. I really want to make The Zelda Realm as good as possible, so tell me what you think. What do we need?

  • More walkthroughs/guides
  • More articles
  • More videos
  • More pages
  • Better design

So tell me what you think by commenting below, and I'll try to add a poll! Thanks!