Sunday, April 29, 2012

We're Dying

Hello lost fans of The Zelda Realm. You guys may have seen this coming, but we're dying. The Zelda Realm's franchise name is now lost. I, the administrator, barely even visit this site anymore. I am afraid we are going to be retiring this site with 27,000 hits and 26 followers. It was a great run, but I am afraid I no longer have the passion of continuing this site. The same goes for the YouTube channel and Twitter. We have deleted all of our YouTube video except the theories and Best of Zelda series. The site will continue to be up, and everyone is still welcome to comment and even send me a message, but don't ever expect a post. It was a great time everyone, and I sincerely thank you for your continuous support, but I'm afraid we're done here. Goodbye!


  1. I am a big Zelda fan, but didn't know about this site. I go on ZeldaInformer a lot. I like the articles here, they are well thought out. I wish you hadn't given up so easily. People just need to know about this site. ZeldaInformer keeps me updated on Facebook, so I click on the articles from my feed. Maybe post a lot in Zelda and Nintendo forums, and leave your site link in your signature, and have an easy way to like on Facebook on your front page. Why delete your YouTube videos? So sad. You should keep trying, fanbases don't magically appear.

    1. Well, actually me and another staff member are most likely to be returning to the site in a couple weeks. I definitely haven't completely given up yet, I made it this far for a reason! So check back here in a few weeks and hopefully we'll be back on track. Thanks for your concern, it means a lot!

  2. I hope this site will stay up and the articles here have good info and are very good.

    I hope you guys can find a way to increase your members.

  3. i just wanted to say,i don't believe it's the end yet. i know you ment for the site, which i also mean, but the franchise -i believe- will grow stronger in the near future... so you'll end up with a lot more people checking this site out ;)