Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Ganondorf Entering Kokiri Forest

Hey guys. I hope you liked my last post about temple theories. By the way, I liked your idea about the Forest Temple, Shora. It makes sense to me; the design can really fit into a castle. If you want regular updates on my blog, just click the follow button. Be the first one! And now, into the topic.

My idea about how Ganondorf entered Kokiri Forest is vague. Unfortunately, no one emailed me or commented  about it, which is what I would like everyone to do. If your idea is good, I will use it and mention that you gave me it. Firstly, I do not think Ganondorf entered the Forest using the main entrance. He would have been spotted. For those of you who have beat the game, you will realize that Ganondorf has many powers. I think that he can teleport, which is the only explanation of how he got to the Great Deku Tree without anyone seeing him. Strange, but possible.

If anyone has any better ideas, email me or comment on them below, since I do not have any proof on this theory. My question today is: what exactly is Link's past all about? Email me your theories at my email or tell me them in the comments belowThanks for reading!


  1. Maybe Ganondorf just sent his Gerudos to do the work for him. And as the Gerudo are thieves, getting in a forest full of kids at the night, is probably a piece of cake for them. :P

  2. well in the 80's there was a legend of Zelda cartoon series and Ganon did teleport, your theory coulve been right, or the kids were scared and let him pass through.... But I really dont know

  3. i think that he used his powers to fly to the lost woods and somunned some enemies incase someone tried to follow him. then, he ran to the cliff over the village, put eveyone asleep using a spell, and went to the tree. then, while the deku tree was sleeping, he took his sword and cut a rune on one of its roots for the curse. he ran inside the deku tree, opened a portal, let some monsters in, and payed them to do his bidding. he then made gohma appear buy dropping an egg, casting a grow spell on the hatchling, and then casting a spell on it to make it stronger. then, he hipnotized it to kill any intruders. that is my idea. it is a good idea, right? at the least i would post it.

  4. oh, and, the one above this(by me) also sort of explains why th.ere are enemies in the lost woods