Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Link's Past

Hey guys. I haven't put up up a post since Wednesday, so here's one today. I always wondered where exactly Link's life has started. All the games usually make him start as a 10 year old kid (my mistake if I've written in another post he is 11), but how about before that? I think I know.

It states at the beginning of Ocarina of Time that Link's mother brought him to the Kokiri Forest when he was a baby so the Great Deku Tree would care for him. This happened in a time of war in Hyrule (Hyrulian Civil War). I think that Link's father was killed when fighting in this war, and his mother was killed, too. He was then born and raised in Kokiri Forest. Ocarina of Time then starts when Link is ten years of age. Ocarina of Time is also likely to be the first adventure for Link, judging by how he is surprised when the Great Deku Tree tells him his fate is to save Hyrule. So Link led a normal orphan life before Ocarina of Time started.

I hope you guys like my theory. Any questions or comments, email me or comment in the section below. I will not be asking a question today, but I want someone to ask for topic. I will soon get started on a Majora's Mask section when I run out of ideas, so keep the questions going!


  1. Link's origins...
    This is what I've heard. I was talking to someone who read the OoT Manga, which may or may not be taken seriously, but here it goes:
    Link & Zelda are actually brother & sister. To escape the "fires of war" that swept across Hyrule, the Queen fled the castle & entered Kokiri Forest with Link in hand (maybe Zelda wasn't born yet). Also, there may be some references hidden in the game that hints that maybe Link is of royal blood.

    1. I grew up with that theory as well. They look a lot alike, and they imply the relation repeatedly throughout the game. Zelda says something about feeling like she knew Link already.

      Also, in the original post, you said that Link's mom was killed, and then he was born. That isn't possible...

  2. You must has mistaken me for someone else. I never said that.