Monday, July 11, 2011

Majora's Mask - Majora's Mask

Hey guys. I haven't posted anything in a long time mainly because I was out of the house most of the time , but also because I was gathering facts for this post. Majora's Mask could have countless amount of theories, and I was busy putting them together. So enjoy the post.

Majora's Mask is a very mysterious mask, said to one belong to an ancient tribe (which I will talk about) for their hexing and torture rituals. This ancient tribe sealed the mask into darkness, in fear that it will be misused and cause catastrophe in the world. Although it is not mentioned, I believe this tribe created that mask, as no evidence is given that another tribe created it. How it was created is not known, but it must have involved powerful Dark magic, as the mask seems to have control over itself, posses others, and transform (as demonstrated at the end of the game). The mask salesman somehow stumbled upon it in his travels, but it got stolen from him by the Skull Kid.

Now, a question that all want answered and is clouded in mystery is "what is the ancient tribe?". I believe, along with many others, that the ancient tribe is the tribe that raged war in Ikana Canyon against their , the tribe that lived within Stone Tower and Stone Tower Temple, the tribe known as the Garo. The Garo seemed to roam across Ikana Canyon, specifically near Stone Tower. And although some may contradict that the Garo lived in Stone Tower, it is still highly likely that whoever did live in Stone Tower were the ancient tribe. The way the whole temple is designed resembles Majora's Mask. For example take a look at the entrance. It looks like the mask upside-down, and the entrance hall also has a structure resembling the mask. So, although the Garo may have not been the ancient tribe, I believe the ancient tribe lived in Stone Tower. See the video below for some proof.

Although I straightened out some theories about Majora's Mask, there is still a great deal of mystery around it, and it is not likely that any theory can be truly confirmed. Check out the Stone Tower of Babel theory. It is very interesting and believable. Remember to read next post (which will probably be about the Skull Kid), and remember, any questions or post ideas, comment below or email me at


  1. Haha as for the Mask, as evil as the happy mask dude can look, I bet he has enough evil in him to have made it.. I mean look at this picture O.o

  2. even though there are many mask symbols, i dont believe Ikanas made it... it contains dark magic, the eye look a bit like Midnas Mask... so perhaps the Twili people used to live in Ikana, created a mask with fused shadow (it got incredible powers) and Majoras Mask was made...
    what DOESNT fit, is Demise... Demis is said to be following the Hero of Time, so perhaps Demis joined the Twili people, made the mask, and sealed his soul in it... waiting for the Hero of Time. i think mine is better ^^

  3. IMO the mask wasnt made by Ikana, but the twili people. the eye looks like the one on Midnas mask, it contains "dark magic" which can mean it was made out of Fused Shadow, and maybe Twili once lived in Ikana... its a dark place with my secrets, and very fascinated by eyes and twisting minds... SO, perhaps Demis (from skyward) made the mask (as a twili) sealed his soul in it, and waited for Hero of Time. Demis would haunt the Hero of Time, so by possessing a dark mask, take over a puppet and try to defeat the Hero makes sense :)
    mine was better ^^

  4. (sorry for double posing, my computer is messed up)

  5. i dont think the mask was made by the twili, because midna says herself that the world of twili was a generally peacefull place, not evil until zant showed up, plus midna's mask thing has that eye simply cuz it looks like her eye, and her eye has different colors than majora's mask. AND, Demise is later reincarnated into ganon/ganondorf.

  6. i think that the fused shadow and majoras mask is much the same. so i think that the happy mask salesman and midna is both in the acient tribe but. what if the happy mask salesman got inprisoned in the artiber grounds and got sent to the twilight realm and then he met midna and the third mamber of the tribe (could be dark link) and combined with the majoras mask they made the fused shadow. and then the light spirits came and they destroyed the fused shadow and it got scattered by the light spirits. but what if the twilight mirror is another way (as mentioned bu zr) in the parralel dimension but since its darker it created the teilight dimension