Monday, July 25, 2011

Majora's Mask - Termina/Hyrule Parallel Worlds

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Termina is (obviously) the world that Majora's Mask takes place in. It is not Hyrule, but similar to it. It is widely believed that Termina is a parallel universe, what with the similar characters and the location. You may find this confusing, but I can straighten it out. First of all, way at the beginning of the game, Link is riding Epona through a forest, a forest that actually seems to be the Lost Woods. The forest has the same entrances to its different parts as the entrances in the Lost Woods, which are large, circular, wooden holes in the walls that looks like a hollow tree stump. This confirms that the forest is the Lost Woods. So at this point, Link is still in Hyrule. Link enters Termina through a "portal". I am 100% sure this portal was the deep, black pit in the tree stump that Link wanders in, but falls through. Proof that this is the portal is that while Link is falling through, what seems to be the essences of masks and creatures in Termina surround him,and when Link finally lands, he is on a flower that cannot be found in Hyrule, and he gives it a curious look. Link is now in Termina.

Termina is not in fact a mirror world to Hyrule; it is a parallel world. It is existing in a different universe than Hyrule, but does not mirror it. For example, just because there are Kokiri in Ocarina of Time does not mean a similar group of people are in Majora's Mask. Though the characters resemble each other, I believe this was done by the makers of the game for sake of the gamer being more familiar with his/her surroundings. But there could be some characters that are the same ones from Ocarina of Time, for example, the Skull Kid, or possibly the Happy Mask Salesman (who I will have post about). These characters simply must have traveled through the same portal Link went through, unless there are multiple portals. Link may have found home in Termina, or may have left at the end of the game through a portal that will take him back to Hyrule. He must have left back because, as proven in later Zelda games, his ancestors lived in Hyrule (or over it, as the case is in Wind Waker).

So there you have the explanation to the mysterious theory about the Termina/Hyrule Parallel Worlds. It may have been hard to understand, but that is only because it is a confusing topic. Any questions or comments, email me at or comment below. Thanks for reading.


  1. Makes you think, though... In OoT, they say that non-Kokiri get lost in the Lost Woods, never to return... Do you think that maybe they end up in Termina? Maybe that's why there are no Kokiri in Termina. Hm...

    1. But if you think about it, there are Kokiri in Termina. They may not appear to be the children that don't age, but we can see that the Skull Kid is in Termina.

      I believe that Termina and Hyrule are on opposite sides of the Lost Woods. It makes more sense; the Lost Woods are on the very edge of Hyrule, and although Link falls, there is a point where he comes back up, through the Clock Tower.

  2. What doesn't make sense to me is how can the Skull Kid travel out of the universe he is part of? Is it only because he has the power of the Majora's Mask, or could essentially any person of Termina escape to Hyrule? It just bothers me that Link met the Skull Kid in what was still the Lost Woods, not in Termina.