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Majora's Mask - Boss Masks

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The bosses and boss masks in Majora's Mask have very little known about them, so do not expect too much from this article. We all know that the Giants wore certain masks that transformed them, possessed them, and gave them Dark powers. They completely took over the Giants' body and made them do actions they normally would never do, seeing as they are god-like peace-keepers. These masks are clearly the same type of mask Majora's Mask is (though not as strong). But how did they get the masks? Where did the masks come from? And why did the Giants wear them in the first place? Here is an analysis:

Odolwa: The masked, jungle warrior Odolwa was what one of the Giants transformed into when he wore it's mask. The mask must have been created in the swamp region of Termina, seeing as it is the only region that seems jungle-like. I believe an ancient native tribe similar to the tribe I previously had an article about made this mask. This explains the face paint and tribal dancing and chanting. But it has Dark powers, seeing as it poisons the swamp water and makes the wearer very violent and able to summon bugs to aid him. This mask was probably used in war. But how did the Giant find it? Well, it is not coincidence that all the Giants wear Dark masks and transform at the same time. The Skull Kid must have somehow found the masks using Majora's Mask, and as he was the Giants' friend, he gave the masks to them, tricking them into wearing them.

Goht: This and the next two masks show how the Boss Masks are capable of fully transforming a body. The masked, mechanical monster Goht was what became of another Giant after he wore the mask. It transformed him to a large, mechanical bull. This theory may seemed far-fetched, but maybe this mask was possibly made by someone (Goron?) to create an extremely fat creature capable of winning many races. Of course,  races are very popular among Goron, so it could be true. Of course, this is not necessarily true. This mask could have simply been made by a crazy man living near Snowhead Temple, as it also has Dark powers allowing the mountains to be covered in snow. As I said before, the Skull Kid tricked the Giant into taking it, which is why he ended up wearing it.

Gyorg: This gargantuan, masked fish also demonstrates how the Boss Masks can transform your body. This mask transformed one of the Giants to a large, vicious fish that has immense powers. It can hit the platform you stand on so hard you will collapse, and it turns the water around Great Bay very murky. Where has this mask originated from. It does not seem likely that anyone made this mask, seeing as a gyorg is a type of fish monster that appears in different Zelda games. Maybe it came from the corpse of an especially powerful gyorg, and Majora's Mask injected powers into it that will turn the wearer into a large and powerful gyorg. And I said before how the Giant must have gotten it into his hands.

Twinmold: This pair of giant masked insects are very powerful. They are possibly the biggest boss in the whole Zelda series. It also has strong Dark powers, capable of giving a depressing mood to all of Ikana Canyon. The theories of where this mask could have came from are countless, seeing as Ikana is one of the most mysterious regions in all of Zelda. The most likely theory, in my opinion, is that it was made by the same ancient tribe that made Majora's Mask and the Giant's Mask. More proof to support this is that it was found in Stone Tower Temple, the temple of the Ancient Tribe. So the facts came pretty straight for this mask.

Well, that concludes the Boss Masks article. I know it seems unlikely, but I don't think you can find any better ideas elsewhere. So, I hope you enjoyed the article, and remember to follow the site before leaving this page!

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  1. i agree. the masks were probably made by the tribe. but what powers allow them to do that? just wondering. i would recommend a post about that as well.