Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Majora's Mask - Happy Mask Salesman

Finally back to real posts! Sorry for the long delay of theory posts, but I have been working very hard this past week. I changed the title (hope it's nice!), the logo, created a banner, made a new YouTube channel, and changed the site name and URL. It took a long while, but it's all set and done now. Thanks for the support from everyone who helped! Now, let's get to theorizing about the mysterious Happy Mask Salesman.

The Happy Mask Salesman is a travelling mask salesman that also appeared to be in Ocarina of Time, though their did not seem to be anything strange about him. The Happy Mask Salesman has no known past. He seems to be Hylian, but their are suggestions that he is not human at all. This is is supported because of his many strange abilities, such as being able to conjure large objects from nowhere (his piano from the beginning of Majora's Mask), and how he said he was following Link, but he was not even seen. This implies that he could possibly go invisible. Some people may note his temper and mood swings, but I find this normal, seeing that many people have large tempers. Though he may not seem human, he is not evil. He was scared of the damage Majora's Mask could cause, and was happy when told that the spirit within the mask was driven away.

Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding the Happy Mask Salesman is how he obtained Majora's Mask. He seems to be the only one in the whole game who knows about this Ancient Tribe that once held the mask. This means he could be a descendant of them, which also explains his personal need to keep the mask, even after the evil left it. He can also do magic, and the Ancient Tribe are said to be magic-doers. Some say he is a spirit alike the children on the moon (seen later in the game). I do not believe this. The Moon Children are, well, children. If they are spirits, they do not grow. I believe that the Moon Children are spirits, but the Happy Mask Salesman is a powerful, non-human.

I hope everyone liked all the changes I made to the site. I went through a lot of trouble to do it. If anyone has any comments to make, don't hesitate and contact me or comment below. Something else I need to point out is that the "followers" gadget and "search" gadget may not be working, so please be patient until I fix them. And in case know one realized, I also made a new "contact Zelda Realm" page to make it easier for anyone who wants to speak to me. Thanks for reading!


  1. cool page the happy mask guy always scared me when I was little especially in Majoras mask when he came up close and...they..way..he...laughed... Eek! :D

  2. i know this post is almost a year old but i thought i should say a pretty interesting theory i saw

    The happy mask salesman was traveling through the lost woods when skull kid attacked him and actually killed him. (This could b possible cuz skull kids attack u as n adult n OoT). But as all ghosts, he couldnt "move on" because he had 2 finish his goal b4 he left this world which was get majoras mask back. (and the part u said about being invisible and weird mood swings and what not supports this). So he got Link to help him get it back. And a ghosts feelings r said 2 affect the world around them. Basically he is somewhat like a traumatized ghost. Anyway there r 5 main regions in termina. Clock Town: this represents defiance and disbelief in what has happened and is happening. This is proven by a huge moon a about 2 destroy the whole town but some towns people do not believe it will hit the gorund. Deku Forest (i cant remember the exact name but u know what im talking about): this represents anger as the king deku's daughter was kidnapped and he is releasing his anger on any1 he can find, no matter how irrational it this case the monkey is about 2 b killed. Snowhead Mt: this represents bargaining. the gorons are freezing and starving but keep hope that their dead hero will return and save them. The Bay: This represents just total sadness and depression. The Zoras just sit around crying all day because their prized singer has died. The Valley: This represents acceptance. With no transformation masks and virtually everyone there dead, the only thing link has 2 conquer is himself.
    I know that was pretty long and that im not a writer or anything but i hope u could still understand it and find it as interesting as i do

    1. Although this is a well thought out theory, it is not valid in many many ways. If you would like I can email you why.