Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Majora's Mask - Fierce Deity's Mask

Hey everybody. Hope you liked the moon theory. It is a bit confusing, but if you think about it, it all makes sense. I have some news for all the readers of this site. The Majora's Mask section is coming to an end (as I said last post) after this article and two others. Well, before I start the section of a new game, I am going to add two Ocarina of Time articles (you can see what they are below on the sidebar, along with other future posts). Another thing is that I finally beat Link's Awakening! The story is really confusing, so be sure to expect a section about it. But for now, we are stuck on Majora's Mask.

First thing I would like to say is that anyone who has not read the previous article about the moon may not fully understand this, so I advise you to do that before you read this. Anyways, the Fierce Deity's Mask is the mask you get at the end of the game in the moon when you trade in all of your masks to the children running around. As I have said last post, Link's whole experience on the moon was basically an illusion created in his mind. This theory will support this. Seeing as Link has all of his masks back at the end of the game, this shows that he did not give any of them, and the Fierce Deity's Mask he supposedly had cannot be used. It is displayed in the menu simply to show that you have collected all of the masks in the game, and defeated Majora's Mask. So at the end, the Fierce Deity's Mask was not real, but was part of the illusion (or parallel world) Majora's Mask created for Link inside the moon.

Yes, I know. This was a short article. But don't worry. Hopefully next article, which will be about either the Boss Masks or the Poe Salesman, will be longer. Anyways, I am now accepting request for which Zelda game I should play. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, check out the new video about the Shadow Temple I have made on the videos page or on YouTube. I guarantee it will be good.

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