Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Trinity of Truth

Yes! Finally back to real articles! I know you've probably waited a while, but the wait is over now, because the article is finally finished! Some of you won't know exactly what this article will be about judging by the title, but I am sure it is actually a topic you are all familiar with. So enjoy!

The Trinity of Truth may be something that many of you have never heard before. However, it is a very big subject in Ocarina of Time, and significant in other Zelda games. The Trinity of Truth are three Sheikah-made objects that associate themselves with revealing secrets of Hyrule. These three objects are the Mask of Truth, Lens of Truth, and Stone of Agony. Remember, "three" is a number representing these objects, as shown on the Lens of Truth and Mask of Truth.

The origins of these objects are unknown. However, I have a shrewd idea of their origins. If you have read one of the older articles about the Shadow Temple and Bongo-Bongo, you will know that there was a house situated where Kakariko Well currently is. The man who lived in this house created the Lens of Truth. It would make sense that he also created the Mask of Truth and Stone of Agony. As all three of these items are associated with the shadows and secrets, it would also make sense to say that this man of a Sheikah. In present day Kakariko village, the sign next to the well says "Dark! Narrow! Scary! Well of three features". I have looked past the straight-up meaning of this sign. "Dark" can be associated with the Mask of Truth, where something is dark and unknown can be telepathically revealed using the Mask. "Narrow" can be associated with the Stone of Agony. When a path seems to be narrow and irrelevant to your adventure, the Stone of Agony reveals it's secrets and importance. "Scary" can be associated with the Lens of Truth. When you don't know what you see is real or an illusion, the Lens of Truth straightens your path and wipes away your fear because of your new ability to "see".

For those of you who read Harry Potter 7, you would know how the Deathly Hallows can make the holder conqueror of death when all Hallows are together. But when each Hallow is alone, it does not provide the full affect. The same idea goes with the Trinity of Truth, but instead of being the conqueror of death, you become the ultimate "seer", the one who can uncover the "truth". Ultimately, whoever has these three items when playing Ocarina of Time, can really ease up game.

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