Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wind Waker - Intro

Hello again everyone! As a result of the poll I put up a couple weeks ago, it turns out the the next Zelda game this site will focus on will be the Wind Waker, and luckily, it has plenty of theories we can discuss and the articles will be great.

The whole story surrounding Wind Waker is basically one large theory that I will almost for sure have an article about. There are obviously other theories as well, such as the Ghost Ship, the Great Deku Tree, and the many different islands you find on your adventure through the Great Sea. So remember to follow the site to get the regular updates of the new posts and articles.

As I always remind you, you are welcome to comment your ideas on the site, and it might even be featured as one of our articles. You should also check our walkthrough site regularly to see if a new Wind Waker (or other Zelda game) walkthrough started. And I also want to thank everyone who visits this site, because it's popularity is rapidly increasing. We hit our 2000th view today, and are affiliated with a number of major Zelda websites. Check them out in our affiliates, and give them a visit some time. Thanks!


  1. Aww, I voted for Link's Awakening...Oh well.

  2. In the prologue for wind waker It talks about how Link from ocarina of time left Hyrule and never returned and one of the pictures Shows Link riding a horse off screen. This may be a reference to the opening cinamatic for Ocarina of Time in which Link is riding across hyrule field on Epona. This may be saying that Link is riding away from Hyrule after defeating ganon in the Adult Timeline