Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Improvements?

Hey everybody. Sorry (again) for the lack of posts, but in case I didn't say before, my school started and I'm very busy. Anyways, I want some feedback on what I need to improve this site. I really want to make The Zelda Realm as good as possible, so tell me what you think. What do we need?

  • More walkthroughs/guides
  • More articles
  • More videos
  • More pages
  • Better design

So tell me what you think by commenting below, and I'll try to add a poll! Thanks!


  1. I vote for more videos! =D
    I have no idea why, actually.

  2. you should make an article about the cartoon Legend Of Zelda Series if you need some videos from the show I can give you some, I hope...