Friday, September 30, 2011

Wind Waker - Link's Identity

Hey readers. As the result of the poll I had, I guess that this post will be about who Link is. Now, I don't mean the Link we know from all Zelda games, but I mean the Link specifically made for this game. This may sound confusing, but you won't know what I mean until you read this post. So start reading!

Who exactly is Link, the Link we play as in the Wind Waker? First, let me give you the straight-up facts. He apparently has no parents, lives with his Grandma, and we assume he is 11 years old because he finally reached the age of the Hero of Time, who is Link from Ocarina of Time. Link from the Ocarina of Time began his quest as a hero at the age of 11, so we assume Link from Wind Waker is also 11 years old. Anyways, we also know that Link has a sister named Aryll. But what exactly happened to their parents? I think they must have died in the Great Flood (which we will have a post about, hopefully), and their Grandma came to care for them, which is how they ended up on Outset Island.

A question that is frequently asked is, "did Link descend from the Link's found in the other games?". I think the answer to that is "yes". The first reason is their similarity in appearance, sound, and personality. By this, I mean that they are both courageous and helpful, don't talk much but have the same yells and cries, and obviously, they look a lot alike. Another reason is that Link inherited the power of the Triforce from Link from Ocarina of Time (along with Tetra, who inherited it from Princess Zelda). This, I think, is the main reason. And when I say "inherited it's power", I mean the power of courage, and wisdom. With that said and done, I think it clears up who exactly Link is in this game: a descendant of Link from Ocarina of Time and an orphan who lives with his Grandma.

Yes, I know. This post was weak. But I really don't think this topic was too interesting, but it was voted for in my poll. Anyways, remember to follow the site to receive the latest updates on when and what the next post is, and just to give you a heads-up, it's probably going to be about the Great Flood. Stay reading!


  1. He doesn't inherit the Triforce in Wind Waker. You have to search the great sea to assemble it.

  2. He inherits its power from Link from OOT, which was courage.

  3. he could not of been a descendant of oot link since in the game the king of red lions says he has no connection to the 'old hero' what so ever

  4. That's not exactly true, because it's revealed to everybody that Tetra is really Zelda, hence her wardrobe change.

  5. Well i dont think that link parents died during the greath flood, because when he enter hyrule he seem all shocked about the discovery so the knowledge about a kingdom flooded must have happened a long time ago for became a legend, also we can se the koroks and the bird like specie, those two tribes evolved from others and if link parents died in the flood the timelapse for that to happen must be really short