Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Correct Zelda Timeline?

Lately, "Hyrule Historia" have made up a interesting Zelda timeline which is supposed that it is correct, but why? I personally think it is incorrect and a lot of Zelda fans also think it is incorrect because sincerely it really doesn't fit each game with another and it has no sense at all!

This is the timeline they made up: http://bit.ly/sD18a8

Now, I really don't get parts of the timeline and I think I have made a lot of research. Now this is one of the questions you have to think and analyze:

  • Why is Four Swords Adventures after Ocarina of Time? Shigeru Miyamoto clearly said it was before Ocarina of Time.
  • Another thing is that why did they thought the hero of time was defeated? It has no sense to split the timeline into three different parts if Shigeru Miyamoto said it was splitted only into two parts not three.
  • Mainly all the timeline the only clue is "Ganon is Revived" and thats why they put them together but they don´t have more clues to fit them at all! Also in the Adult Era it says: Ganonsorf is sealed but then do you remember when Link is sent back to time? Well nobody is there to save Hyrule so that means the Sages flooded Hyrule and finally when it comes to time Ganon escapes from the realm, not revived as it says in the timeline.

I really disagree with that timeline, but anyways as they say it is the correct one, I think I need to investigate more and review it again, leave all of your thoughts of the timeline in the comments section!

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