Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Site Milestone

Hey guys, Klink here! Man, I miss posting on the site! Don't worry, it's not like I quit or anything. I'm usually just busy with school stuff and such. Onto the important news, I realized today at 3:00am that The Zelda Realm hit 10,000 total site views around a week ago, and I completely didn't notice! Man, that's a great milestone! It really proves how big the site is getting, and it's obviously all thanks to you guys, the viewers. I feel an important need to inform you guys about stuff like this, it's you who makes this possible in the first place. I just want to thank you guys so much before signing off. Oh, and one last thing. You may have noticed a lot of firing and hiring of staff members. Let's just say that a lot of them are not proving to be reliable. How unfortunate. Anyways, it's down to me, ZeldaMasterfull, and Shadow Link (a new member not properly introduced yet) who I think will truly improve the site's quality. Make sure to thank them too, especially ZeldaMasterfull for the great articles. So I want to thank you guys one last time, this really means a lot to me. Keep the support coming!

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  1. Wow, 10,000?! That's a lot of views! Congrats! =D