Sunday, January 15, 2012

Retro Studios Working On New Zelda Title?

Retro studios have not worked on a major game since Donkey Kong Country Returns. Sure they developed some tracks for the recent Mario Kart 7 but they have been very quiet as of late. With the Wii U coming this year, it would seem like a good idea to start working on major Nintendo brands. Fingers crossed that we will see what Retro Studios has been working on at E3 this year. This brings up Zelda. Many have wondered what Zelda would be like with the original gameplay with a western style to it, personally, I think it would be weird at first but I am sure people would get used to it. Recently Shigeru Miyamoto suggested Retro would be a prime candidate for a collaboration on Zelda, Retro have proven its talent with Metroid and Donkey Kong, so fingers crossed!

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