Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skyward Sword Wins People's Choice Award *IGN*

IGN has released the results for the Game Of The Year Award, the overall winner was Portal 2. However IGN set up polls which the fans could vote and decide for themselves. The people voted, and... the people's choice award was Skyward Sword! Which makes me wonder why it did not receive Game Of The Year Award? IGN gave it a perfect 10/10, however, Portal 2 received a 9.5/10, but of course this comes down to the people who voted. Skyward Sword won in these categories: Best Story, Best Adventure, and Best Sound. So there you have it. If you still don't own a copy of Skyward Sword I advise you to go pick one up! Do you guys think this was a fair decision by IGN?

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